Is wet sanding necessary?

Painting hull with polyurethane ( no primer) does wet sanding  between coats make much of a difference? 

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RE: Is wet sanding necessary?

In answer to the thread title question - no, it's not in the least necessary. The boat will float just fine and from 10 feet away no one will will notice.

In answer to the question in the post - yes it makes a real difference, especially if your application technique isn't perfect, you have a dusty paint area, etc.

The more complete answer - it depends.

What exactly are you trying to do? If you want an automotive quality finish, if you're trying for a museum piece, if your aim is to impress magpies, contest judges and others who love a shiny smooth object, you definitely need to wet sand. If you're simply trying to protect the boat from the elements you don't. Wet sanding removes brush marks and dust; it smooths areas where the paint went on unevenly. If you don't care about any of that, don't wet sand.

It's your boat, you get to do what you want. Have fun,



RE: Is wet sanding necessary?

   Thanks, good answer,I think I'll sand

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