BLBF Registration Available

Yesterday CLC opened registration for BLBF.  There are only 30 camping spots so you may not want to wait.

For those who have not attended, last year was my first and it was a hoot of a good time even though it was smaller due to COVID.  This year looks much bigger.

I have not made final decisions, but I think that I am bringing the GIS/two kayaks, and doing the 6 mile race.  I paddled the 20 mile race last year and had fun, but that course is pretty boring.  

Who else is coming and what are you bringing?

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RE: BLBF Registration Available

   I'll be bringing my Skerry.  I see that there will be some on-water instruction.  Is some of this likely to be for beginning SUP paddlers?  My wife is still trying to make friends with her Kaholo that I built for her, and sometimes wives take better coaching from someone other than husband!  Then we'd both come and bring the Kaholo also.

RE: BLBF Registration Available

   I'll be there with my microBootlegger sport and new Nymph 12 canoe.


RE: BLBF Registration Available

   I'll be there with my Mill Crrek 16.5. Driving from San Diego I don't think I'll bring more than one boat. Camping (in an RV) about 20 miles away at a KOA, will attend the festival during the day(s).

RE: BLBF Registration Available

i will be coming and camping...and bringing the new paulownia-built petrel play low volume (come feel the joy of a sub 30 lb sea kayak :).... 

and the night heron low deck for, i hope, the 6 mile race (non racing class?)


RE: BLBF Registration Available

Howard, you better bring ballast if the Memorial Day powerboaters are going to be as bad as last year. Otherwise you'll be bobbing like a cork in a storm. :-)



RE: BLBF Registration Available

   My husband and I will be there with our CLC boats and maybe out skin on frames. My husband is in the process of refinishing his 2014 built Petrel SG, and I'll be bringing my Petrel Play SG-L that I finished up in October of last year (the one on the product pages). This will be my first time, really looking forward to it!

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