Peapod Skeg: to glass or not to glass

The step after next is to fit the skeg which as the manual points out is going to take some Bumps and knocks in use.  Even where rounded over I can see that the plywood has taken a few dings already (nothing more than clumsiness in the workshop).

It occurred to me that putting glass tape along the bottom edge of the skeg (what will eventually form the keel) would give it greater rub resistance and for the forward part of the skeg would also reinforce the fillet joining it to the hull.  It would be doing the same job as the glass tape along the stem.

Is this something that anyone has any experience of doing.  Thoughts welcome.


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RE: Peapod Skeg: to glass or not to glass

We did something similar on our PMD, though I can't remember whether that was our own idea or something suggested in the build manual.  "It seemed like a good idea at the time."  Still seems like a good idea.

If you are really going to be dragging the boat over some rough stuff, I wonder if bronze half-oval strip would be appropriate?  It'd have to be screwed onto the edge of the plywood, maybe a problematic thing, so you'd probably want to drill/fill/drill for the screws and make sure everything was thoroughly bedded down with sealing compound so water wouldn't get down into the plywood skeg.

Maybe somebody smarter than me will weigh in here on that idea.


RE: Peapod Skeg: to glass or not to glass

+1 on everything Gramps said. I've been using a half oval brass strip on the skeg on my Brand X dinghy for over 10 years now. I attached it exactly the way he says, with the added feature that I countersunk the screws flush with the strip. It's still the original brass.


RE: Peapod Skeg: to glass or not to glass

   I would. I fillet at the attach point to the hull and tape reinforce with glass on the blade. 

I think the brass strip is a good idea with counter sunk screw heads. Typical wood boat thing for that part of the boat. 

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