Northeaster Dory Dodger/Bimini

 Was wondering if it's possible to put a small dodger on a Northeaster Dory. I have the plans to build one for possibly doing the Everglades Challenge in and was looking to make some type of shelter for a little shade for the passenger. Any thoughts or ideas?

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RE: Northeaster Dory Dodger/Bimini

   What about tents or shelters made for the NE Dory? Just trying to get ideas for a shelter to help decide if this is a good choice for camp cruising or for use in the Everglades Challenge.

RE: Northeaster Dory Dodger/Bimini

   I figured I would bump this thread to see if anyone has any ideas on a dodger or tent for a NED. Especially looking for pictures.

RE: Northeaster Dory Dodger/Bimini

   There are several long threads about camping in the Northeaster Dory. Here is what I find in a quick search:


RE: Northeaster Dory Dodger/Bimini

Thought about it for a long time, made several aborted attempts. Here’s the tent project ended up SR. Maybe something here will spark an idea for you. Check out the Gimme Shelter album. Photos have captions explaining the process.


The foredeck does nothing to keep spray out while sailing. It's just there to shunt rain from the tent overboard. Skin on frame deck would work just as well and would be lighter.

RE: Northeaster Dory Dodger/Bimini

   Silver Salt always has the most elegant solution to camp/cruising problems and his tent is no exception. . . . I still wish I had built his sliding-seat/bed instead of my pvc pipe bed, but what works, works.

The absolute simplest way to get some protection from rain is to sleep in a bivy bag. No wind resistance and fairly dry sleeping.

For some protection from sun and rain in calm conditions, you can just rig a taught line from high on the mast to the top pintle of the rudder. Throw a tarp over the line, tie the sides taught to the oarlocks, and you are done.


RE: Northeaster Dory Dodger/Bimini

--   Sorry SailRat I don't think they understand.  The Everglades Challenge is a 300 mile endurance race.  I think SailRat was looking for a shelter for running not camping. Most of those in the Watertribe are famous for sleep deprovation  on water. A look at the current standings  at this time shows only twelve finishers at 4 days 16 hours. (3-9-22)  Weather has been kicken tough. High gusty winds and rain have been against the racers all week. -

RE: Northeaster Dory Dodger/Bimini

   Birch2 - Thank you for the links, I have seen I think most of them and there is some good information in each of them. I might use a few of the upgrades in them.

Silver Salt - I've read your postings I don't know how many times and the info in each of the things you have done is just wonderful. I might try and do the side bench and for sure the additional lashing points you have done, they're great ideas.

And yes I do want to make some sort of a tent, but my main goal right now is to do a small dodger like this one I found on a R2AK Swampscott Dory, Team Funky Dory.

I like the way this one works with the mast up and for sailing purposes. I might have to do something like a wrap around or seal around the mast to allow it to go back further since I think the Swampscott's mast is stepped further back it looks like.

I wasn't able to do the Everglades Challenge this year because my race partner's new job and work commitments but we are for sure going to do it next year. I'm almost glad we didn't this year because of all the issues the racers had this year. They are saying it's probably one of the worst years since the race started. I'm sure with all the issues it might have been the last year I roped my best friend into racing with me.

Thanks everyone for the comments so far.

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