CLC Sit-Inside Fishing Kayak

I completed modifications to my Wood Duck Double for the upcoming fishing season today.  Check out this video where I explain the configuration.

I completed the build last summer and was able to fish it enough to know what improvements I needed to make before the next season.

This view from starboard shows the Torqeedo motor and battery.  I'm anticipating/hoping for 8 mph top speed with a fishing load.  (Top speed was 8.7 mph with a basic boat.)  

The YakAttack paddle holders are a secure and quiet means to stow a paddle.

The extra fittings along the deck are part of my layout duck blind.  These include buckles and Bimini bases.

I built the 30-quart cooler using stitch and glue techniques.  It's insulated with 1" pink styrofoam, is anchored to the floor via footman loops, and keeps fish cool all day.  It weighs in at 19 pounds.  

The assembly that holds the anchor and rods grabs the under side the coaming via a piece of 1/4" aluminum stock tightened to a threaded insert.  This is a fast, secure means to hold it in place.

The Torqeedo battery is attached to the cooler via footman loops.  It costs $900 to replace and I'm not taking any chances with losing it in a capsize.

The Creature Comfort seat sits on a 1/4" plywood platform that raises it 4".  I'm able to store my measuring board and a tackle tray underneath.  This increase comfort a whole lot and doesn't significantly affect the Wood Duck's stability.

Notice also the removable hip braces which do a great job of stiffening up the 84" long cockpit.  The raised seat is bolted to the hip braces via threaded inserts.

The fishing shelf is a game-changer.  It holds everything in a convenient location.  The fish finder transducer is attached via a Ram ball.  

I sewed the hook removal kit and it comes in handy when dealing with toothy Northern pike.  I'll design and sew one that fastens under the seat of my wife's sit-on-top kayak soon.

The Torqeedo throttle is just out of the way of my paddle stroke, but still a reasonable reach when under way.  

The anchor trolley runs the length of the port side and is a convenient way to change your orientation to the wind when anchored.  I run my grapnel anchor through it.  I also run my anchor pole through it when I'm fishing shallow water.  

The Rule 1100 bilge pump evacuates through the fitting at the aft end of the coaming on the port side.  The battery is stored in a custom box fitted to the aft bulkhead on the hatch side.  The switch is fastened to the aft side of the starboard hip brace.  

The cart rides on large, Wheeleze polyurethane low-pressure tires.  These are amazing in sand, mud, and rocky terrain.

I thought this summary might be useful for those who are considering modifying their CLC boat for fishing!  Any of the Wood Duck models make great fishing kayaks.  I helped my brother-in-law set up his Wood Duck 10 for fishing several years ago...he loves it!

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RE: CLC Sit-Inside Fishing Kayak

   Holy cow. That's enough gear and sophistication for a bass tour super boat. Be careful. You catch a big enough trophy with that setup and you may need more boat. 😁. Grade of Execution is very high. I'm watching skating champs with my wife tonight     

RE: CLC Sit-Inside Fishing Kayak

Fish tremble when they see him.


RE: CLC Sit-Inside Fishing Kayak

Thanks.  Fish probably tremble with laughter at the "Gear Geeks!"  We decided to soup up our kayaks instead of getting a full-size fishing boat.  Going extreme like this on both our kayaks was a lot cheaper than buying a large boat.  We have pretty good success catching northerns, bass, and crappie here in northern Minnesota.  

I'm thankful for the 400-pound capacity of the kayak and push it every time I take Copper with me duck hunting.  I've got more of a margin with this configuration.  However, I should weigh everything to know exactly where I'm at as I did with the duck hunting configuration...

70 Pounds to Spare

Good point about the weight...I weighed all the gear and fishing tackle I own that could potentially go in the boat (including me geared up) and it came to 330 pounds.  Our best afternoon northern pike fishing to date was 25 pounds of fish.  I typically won't take all the tackle I own in the boat at one time, so I'm safely within the 400-pound payload capacity of the boat.  

RE: CLC Sit-Inside Fishing Kayak

Yeah, mind you don't convert it into a fishing submarine by miscalculation.  <;-)


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