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My finish job is 20,000 leagues from perfect, but after all this hard work I'd hate to sratch my super shiny rub rails on a concrete dock, leave varnish on a friend's boat or gelcoat on mine. Can anyone recommend approproiate size/shape fenders for a Passagemaker Dinghy?




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RE: Fender Recommendation

On our PMD, we've had a couple of medium ordinary cylindrical fenders with the ends secured to a length of line under the center thwart on each side so we could toss 'em over the side quickly coming alongside a dock or some such.  That works well enough for the docks, coming at 'em under oars, but coming alongside our Menger 19 catboat was a bit more challenging, especially under sail.  Seemed we were always rubbing off some gun'l paint (not big on varnish, myself) on the mothership's topsides.  the PMD is a mighty curvy boat, which makes this somewhat more challenting.  For the mothership (alas, now moved on to new caretakers and no longer serving as mothership to the PMD), in the end the best was to hand a couple of realy big fenders end to end right down along the waterline and bring the PMD up alongside that.

I was thinking about putting a 1" nylon rope fender all around the PMD gun'l, but it's now a moot point.  I think CLC sells stuff to do the firehose treatment, but I reckon that is a tricky business to install, and somehow I don't know that I like the look of it.



RE: Fender Recommendation

These have worked well for me on my Faering Cruiser (and other low freeboard boats), especially where the docks are higher than the boat. About $20 each, depending on where you buy.

Taylor Made 5" x 14" White Low Freeboard Fender




RE: Fender Recommendation

 While it is not sightly on a beautiful wooden boat, I found that many docks I go to, have the deck portion higher than the boat, and you're left with the boat banging on the wooden piles.

After trying fenders of different kind (did not work well), I settled for jumbo pool noodles. You make a long slit, lengthwise with a box cutter, and they fit perfectly along the gunnels. Might need to carve a piece of foam out for oarlock risers, and such. I have three length for each side that I labeled Port Aft, Port Mid, and Port Fwd, with the mirror Starboard side. Most of the time, I go out with only one set for one side, and dock accordingly. It is very efficient, and you can board people with the boat banging on the dock and no problems. Once under way, I pull them out into the boat.

RE: Fender Recommendation

   Great suggestions - thank you everyone!

RE: Fender Recommendation

   I just ordered a set of these fenders as they're about half the cost and should easily stash under the seats through the inspection ports whilst underway.

Extreme Max 3006.7231 BoatTector 24" Contour Fender Value Pack, Blue

RE: Fender Recommendation

   That link did not work out so hot and this (extremly limited) forum won't let me edit, so let's try this again...


RE: Fender Recommendation

Like I said in another thread, with all due respect to CLC Boats, which is not a software company, the community, and by extension the business, might be better served by a more modern forum on Slack / Discord / Reddit / FB, etc.

Wait, I thought that. Did I say it? Can I delete or edit? Alas, no.

RE: Fender Recommendation


Slack / Discord / Reddit / FB, etc. are also not software companies. They are "social media" companies that happen to use software, just as CLC is a boatbuilder supply company that happens to use software. Social media companies are in the business of collecting every possible scrap of your private and personal information and selling it to the highest bidder so that you can be targeted for personalized ads, election fraud and so on. CLC is in the business of selling you plans and stuff to let you build wonderful wooden boats. I know who I'd rather deal with.

I agree that some aspects of this forum have aged out (image sharing) and are inconvenient (no editing of your posted material), but the answer to that is moving the forum to a modern platform, rather than selling out to the rapacious data thieves. And, in fact, CLC has been in the process of having their entire website modernized (by an actual software company) for quite a few months now, but it's a lot of data so it takes a while. As a customer, I am not privy to the schedule so I don't know when the new stuff will be going live, but CLC has recognized the issues and is actively doing something about it.

Hang in there, editing and easier picture posting is coming,



RE: Fender Recommendation

Absolutely Laszlo, and sorry to hijack the thread. I'm just looking for solutions. Social media, while overhyped and abused, can add value. Anecdotal, but we bought our NED kit as a direct result of a YouTube video about touring the MIT in a NED. This was after randomly searching YT for info about the Maine Island Trail.

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