Jimmy Skiff II Daggerboard Trunk

Hello everyone. First time builder (and sailor for that matter). 

id say I'm about 30% through my build, I'm at the stage where I test fit the daggerboard trunk. 
and lo and behold my trunk isn't tall enough for some reason. The top of the trunk support is probably between 1/8" to 3/8" below the Seat Carlin (the height difference varies from one edge to the other).
so clearly I have to shim the trunk somehow. But I need to find a way to do this so that

1) I don't have a leak where the trunk meets the bottom hull panel


2) the inside of the seat top is flush with the top of the shimmed trunk so that when I cut out my daggerboard slot I don't have a gap or a hole between the seat top and the trunk.

Any ideas?


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RE: Jimmy Skiff II Daggerboard Trunk

   I don't remember. I would say that it might depend upon where you have the vertical wall of the flotation chamber, but there are tabs foward as I recall to align the panel.  It would be a good idea to check the seat fit of all parts  before shimming up to verify the gap is really there. 

It really dosent matter that much. Just shim up the top of the dagger board trunk or plane down that vertical wall.  Shimming is easier. And you have plenty of scrap. Don't make a high point and misalign the side of the seat. You don't want a high or  low spot. 

I drilled a hole after the trunk was installed in the hull with a long bit. That way afterward I could find the trunk and route out with a router and a ball bearing edge alighnment bit. 

Just remember that when you install the dagger board trunk use plenty of "peanut butter" filler so you don't get any voids at the hull joint.  I didn't .  It leaked ................ a lot into the foam filled seat floatation chamber. Which didn't seem to make a big difference.  It drained out the seat drain plugs (optional). No problem. 



RE: Jimmy Skiff II Daggerboard Trunk

   PS.......if you run much with the motor it would be good to fasion a plug for the dagger board trunk.  Basically make a dagger board that goes no farther than the bottom of the hull. Thus this thing would fill in the hole but not be in the water stream below the boat.  

It seems that at high throttle and heavy loats the water will splash up the hole, over the seat an into the boat. 

RE: Jimmy Skiff II Daggerboard Trunk

   I know this is an old thread, but @grumpy (or anyone who experienced it), I am looking for some tips. But my Jimmy skiff 2 in the Water today for the first time and I ended up with a Leak into the seat compartment. Looks like there was a gap of epoxy from where the daggerboard trunk connected to the bottom. My best goes for a fix (would love advice) is: let it dry out a day or so, flip boat over, fill bottom seam of dagger board trunk with mixed with wood flour, shape with alcohol (after dries a bit) to mold it so it does not obstruct daggerboard. Then try again. Any other suggestions?

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