I wasted COVID lockdown

Please do not post pictures of the boats you completed while sheltering in place. I couldn't get myself to get motivated, and y'all are just making me feel worse. 

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RE: I wasted COVID lockdown

We are not so cruel as to post photos of boats to make you feel bad. This is a very friendly forum. Not sure how the following photo got attached.

George K


RE: I wasted COVID lockdown

It's never too last, start building.   

RE: I wasted COVID lockdown

   Looks like another lockdown is imminent - my Mill Creek 16.5 kit is to be delivered tomorrow (Black Friday) and I have a 16' x 3' table set up in the garage - no working on the floor this time (like I did when I built the Chesapeake 17 (1999) and the Sport Tandem (2005)). So get an order in and get started - this lockdown may be short if the vaccine(s) work or it may be long - no one knows - either way we might as well get something ready to launch in the Spring - or the so called "winter" here in San Diego - 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone -

John in San Diego 


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