Tenderly Bow Gap

I've tighted all the stitches on my Tenderly Dinghy, and I haven't had much luck getting the lap-stitch planks to close up in the bow. There are still big gaps, and with the stitches that go through 4 holes I haven't been able to get enough tension to close the vertical space. I've put one picture below, and also have a gallery with a few more linked.  How do I get these to close up? Should I try twisting the wires from inside the boat to get some vertical tension? Can I just drill a few more holes and add my own stitches up in the front where the rabbet is gone.

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RE: Tenderly Bow Gap

Just add one or two wires between the bow and the first stitch. It also helps if you have someone who can squeeze the panels together while you tighten the stitches. 

George K

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