Rollers for epoxy

System three makes rollers for epoxy, but I was wondering if I could use the ones they sell at the hardware store for polyurethane.   Ideas, anyone?


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RE: Rollers for epoxy

Try it on a piece of scrap, first. Many years ago I tried a DIY store roller and it looked as if it worked OK. But after 10 minutes or so of use, it started shedding fuzz into the epoxy.

That was at least 15 years ago, so maybe the glue has changed or something, but just in case, test before using it on your boat.

On the other hand, the CLC roller covers have never given me any problems.

Good luck,



RE: Rollers for epoxy

I'd be leery of any fiber-coated rollers for use with epoxy. Fibers are just too likely to get pulled off when confronted by the stickyness of epoxy.

The foam rollers CLC sells are time-tested to do a proper job of it. There may be others out there that will perform as well but as Laszlo's suggested one needs to test their choice of alternative roller cover to see if it'll hold up under the rigors of what we're wanting to ask them to undergo.

On a side note: what's an accepted method for cutting CLC's 9" roller covers down to 3" or 4" widths? I'm tempted to use my bandsaw yet the risk of smallish particles of foam or the plastic core material contaminating my epoxy are of concern.  

RE: Rollers for epoxy

I don't know how accepted it is, but I cut mine with a Japanese razor saw, use my fingers to clean off the edges and slide the cut end first over the roller. That way the the uncut end is the one that takes most of the stress.

As long as your bandsaw blade is really sharp, it should work. I've also successfully used a fresh hacksaw blade and various razors and razor knives. The sharper the blade, the better the results.

A really sharp, fine-toothed mitre saw in a mitre box will give you a nice square end, too.

Personally, though, I find the razor saw the easiest to control.



RE: Rollers for epoxy

   I use a boxcutter with a sharp blade.

RE: Rollers for epoxy

   I use my bandsaw all the time to cut down the rollers to size. I haven't had any problems with particles contaminating the epoxy, but my saw is connected to a dust collector and I blow  or brush the rollers off after cutting to eliminate any dust.   And as for hardware rollers:  my local paint store and lumber yard stock dark grey foam rollers that say that they are good for epoxy, and they work fine.  Not better or cheaper than the yellow CLC rollers, but they're available when I need more of them "right now".

RE: Rollers for epoxy

I participated in the April/May NE Dory class in Annapolis and asked about how they cut their rollers in half.  They use a bandsaw.

RE: Rollers for epoxy

RHamme posted: "They use a bandsaw."

That would be my preference for the speed first and getting the ends square second.

A sharp blade I suspect would be of great help keeping shredding to a minimum. Anything then looking to be loose on the cut ends ought to be removed quickly with a sanding block before use.

Thanks all for your comments and suggestions.

RE: Rollers for epoxy

   yes, I use these (or similar brands) from the local hardware store and they work fine for both epoxy and varish.  They are relatively small and don't need to be cut.

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