Skua Build / Drainage holes

Hi putting the finishing touches on my Skua before I flip it over and start on the bottom of the hull.

I noticed that between sections 1 & 2 (in the bow, under the deck) there are no drainage holes between ribs. Is there a reason for this? I think it's optimistic to think that there will never be any water in this portion of the boat.

Unless I'm missing something, I think I will add some holes to allow water to drain out through the stern. 

Actually I discovered this because we had some rain and the tarp covering my build blew off. The water drained out the back just like it's supposed to, except in the bow, where I had to do some bailing. 


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RE: Skua Build / Drainage holes

   There are four air tanks/ buoyancy chambers in CLC's CCR:  the bow area, the two side tanks, and the area under the kneeling platform.  The latter three drain through the transom.  The bow area shouldn't get water in it unless there is a catastrophic failure, if that chamber is sealed as designed.  The inspection port in frame 2 is to allow ventilation in the bow area when the CCR is stored off the water to prevent condensation during temperature cycles.

If you want to add one or two limber holes in frame 2, they must drain into the side tanks or you'll compromise the bow chamber.  I'm not aware of any other CCR racer that has done this, though such a change would be hidden from view.  At least I've heard no talk in the pits about a builder adding a limber hole(s).  Good luck.

RE: Skua Build / Drainage holes

   OK got it-- thanks!

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