Garage pulley lift systems

I'm curious what pulley lift systems people have used for storing their Passagemaker Standard in a garage? I bought a system rated for 120# but am not trusting the look of it to handle my boat. I feel like I need a more heavy duty system.




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RE: Garage pulley lift systems

What I chose for my Waterlust project. Harken can be trusted to have engineered their lift kits properly.

If a larger safety factor makes you more confident they offer options rated up to 200 pounds. Each system's rated capacity likley has a reasonable safety factor designed in but of course that's going to be dependent on proper attention to details when installing.

RE: Garage pulley lift systems

Thank a lot spclark!

It's good to remember your point about the rated capacity and how some "buffer" has probably been factored in.

Images of the boat crashing onto my truck, parked beneath it, were getting to me a bit. Ha!


RE: Garage pulley lift systems

Understandable your sense of danger!

I had some reservations also before deciding a Harken Hoist would serve me well for off-season storage. Knowing their reputation for solid engineering and rigging products we've relied upon for over 50 years from having used some of them myself, and reading reviews from others over the years, after seeing a kit first-hand and going over the installation instructions my confidence increased markedly.

Still there's caution advised in that it's only as reliable as the quality and attentiveness paid to following those instructions for installation! And of course in using it for its intended purpose once watercraft and hoist are married up.

Safety first, last, & always has to be Rule #1 where stuff's hung over your valuables, no question!

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