Skerry: gaps between frames and panels

I have wired up the Skerry. The manual says that gaps up to 1/8" between frame and panel are acceptable. These appear to be a bit larger than that. Do these look OK? If not, then I'm not sure how to fix them. The frame is pretty tight and hard to adjust right now. If I really do need to narrow those gaps, how would I proceed? The wires are pretty tight at this point.

Similarly, there are some gaps where the panels meet, at the bow and stern. Same questions: are these OK, and if not, then how do I fix them?

Pictures of the gaps appear below.

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RE: Skerry: gaps between frames and panels

We found (PMD build) that loosening things up a bit and jiggling the "basket" a little helped us coax things into shape.  Make sure the ends aren't sagging, which'll pull things out of plumb.


RE: Skerry: gaps between frames and panels

   A common remedy is to drill more holes (tiny) and add more stitches.  You might even end up leaving some in place, shearing off the part that protrudes beyond the hull surface.  Likewise, for any gaps that remain, you can put tape on one side, and elevate the boat, lifting up the other end with a line to a hook in the ceiling.  Add thickened goop.  Smooth out on the open side.  Wait a few hours.  Smooth out some more while it's still supple.  Wait overnight.  Sand it down on the open side, remove the tape on the other side, and voila, no more gap.  

RE: Skerry: gaps between frames and panels

daniel b: Thanks for the suggestions. Some extra holes and stitches have mostly fixed the problem, but I'll keep your other solution in mind.

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