Skerry: Checking my work now that the frame is assembled

I now have all three panels attached on each side, and the ends of the panels line up pretty nicely. There are small gaps along the bow and stern, where the ends come together. And there are other imperfections. For example, where the first panel meets the bottom panel, the gap between the two is not uniformly thick all the way around.

I am looking for advice on how to go about fixing these imperfections, and ensuring that the boat is symmetric.

And what else should I do before moving on to the next phase of the build?

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RE: Skerry: Checking my work now that the frame is assembled

The manual had some tips for making sure everything is square (I dont have it in front of me).  We took a 2x4 and measure it against several edges to make sure everything was even.  Set it on top of the boat, measure length down to last panels edge, measure distance from some CNC holes also to make sure it's in what should be the exact middle where you are measuring.  This was in class,  I noticed just by looking straight on at the boat something was off so we spent the good part of 30 minutes just adjusting the boat based on measuring tape from the 2x4 to different points and I'm pretty happy with it.  Of course put in your first fillets and let them cure so it keeps that shape before moving the boat again.



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