Annapolis Wherry

Dear Wherry owners:  Have any of you experienced the rolly - poley attitude of the Annapolis Wherry, where the slightest movement side-to-side makes her want to turn-turtle?  I took mine out for her maiden voyage, Sunday and was quite surprised 😮 how reactionary the ride was. I sat ramrod straight and had what I’d call a bit of a nerve wracker ride. I’m considering applying chines to the hull about 5’ long and wondered if anyone else has done such a thing (I hope this isn’t considered blasphemy) and/or find their Wherry a bit unsettling on the water in her desire to roll over onto her belly?  It is likely I’ll get used to this roll penchant but I’m also thinking inherent stability (ie hull chines) could make for a less stressful time... Thoughts?

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RE: Annapolis Wherry


That's a 38" beam on that boat and the hull curves outward for the entire freeboard. It's wider than pretty much every other boat here. The WD12, for example, is 8" narrower and that's a wide stable kayak that you can actually stand up in, with a little practice.

What may be making you nervous is that the boat has low initial stability with only the 2 flat planks on the center bottom, so the smallest movement makes it feel as if it's going over. This is balanced by the fact that it has great secondary stability. As it rolls, it starts to resist rolling. The more you roll it, the more it resists. In addition, you have the oars which act as stability augmenting outriggers.

I'm betting that you haven't actually rolled over in it. I suggest that you find yourself some waist-deep water and deliberately try to roll it. I predict that you won't even get the sheer down to the water.

And even if you do, at least you'll learn how much it takes to roll you.

Relax, get to know your boat and then reconsider the strakes.

Have fun,



RE: Annapolis Wherry

I'm not a Wherry owner. I kayak, canoe and other boats. 


 My observation is that "Ramrod straight" does not aid in stability. You have to keep your weight centered, but you have to flex in the middle.  Loosen up the hip movements side to side.  In many small boats the stability starts with the operator.     

RE: Annapolis Wherry

   I recently built a tandem that I row as a single. While building, I faired in the lower panels with the bottom so there was no “lap.” I find it an incredibly stable boat once you get settled into the sliding seat. Might want to check the trueness of the skeg. Also, install those no slip pads they sell on here, helps immensely while boarding.

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