Boat repairs advice sought

Hi, hoping for a few pointers on repairs. Please see these pictures:

Click images to embiggen. No captions but they're pretty self-explanatory. 

One is a NE Dory daggerboard that collided with an uncharted submerged object. I'm wondering whether to cut out the wood and replace it, or just fill with resin.

The other is a rather lovely canoe paddle which I probably used a little too often for poling. There's strongish plastic hoop going around the edge, sandwiched by two very thin layers of wood, covered with fiberglass. 

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RE: Boat repairs advice sought


When my rudder did what your daggerboard did, I cut out the wood AND filled with resin. Still fine 8 years later.

As far as the paddle, maybe sand away the loose bits, fill in with wood flour and epoxy (especially under the plastic), sand and then cover the repaired part with graphite/epoxy mix. If you mask a nice straight edge, it'll look as if it was designed to have a special black tip.

Good luck,



RE: Boat repairs advice sought (with better pix / links)

Here's a clickable link:

and some pix. Measurements are expressed in thumbs.

RE: Boat repairs advice sought

Thanks Laszlo. So no fibreglass needed on either you reckon? What if I keep being mean to my paddle? PS: my kickup rudder is almost as new, despite constantly being dragged up beaches and ramps....

RE: Boat repairs advice sought

I don't think that the daggerboard needs the glass since that was a one-time event.

Glass could help the durability of the paddles. I didn't suggest it the fisrt time because I thought you had learned your lesson :-)  but if you're going to keep up your ungentle ways definitely add glass.

Don't forget, on the paddles, to get the repairs as smooth and fair as you can since you don't want to add a turbulence generator.


RE: Boat repairs advice sought

Great advice, Laszlo!  I'm going to graphite my brand new oars while I'm doing the bottom of my PMD.

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