Graphite epoxy on skids and skeg of PassageM maker


I am heading down the stretch to enter the water.

I put oak strips on  skids and skeg and cover with epoxy. I painted the  hull white.

I am thinking of using a couple of coats of graphite epoxy on the very bottom edges of the skids and skeg for additonal wear protection, ( also black against white should look cool ).

Any pros and cons?

Thanks for all the help in the past 12 months!

Anthony in Boston


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RE: Graphite epoxy on skids and skeg of PassageM maker

I used graphite epoxy for the entire bottom of my Eastport Pram and and planning on doing the same thing for my nearly finished Passagemaker.  It was a very resistant finish for our PNW "beaches" which consist of rocks and shells, however it's not bulletproof.  It does scratch & gouge.  If you have more gentle launch sites, that may be sufficient for you.  It's also UV resistant, which probably doesn't help for small sections.

In order to combat our abrasive environment, I'm also going to be adding some kayak keel guard.  It's 2" wide, slick and will be my first line of defense.  The rest of the bottom/skeg will be graphite epoxied.  I made my PM skids a bit beefier than in the plans for this reason.  The solid oak EP skids held up well though.

Good luck!


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