Trailer Bunks for Tenderly

I'm off to buy a small trailer for my Tenderly and wonder whether to upgrade the standard 2X4 bunks to 2X6.  Do the extra two inches of support really make any difference in protecting the hull as it goes bouncing along many of New Hampshire's back roads on its way to the lake?  The related, possibly off-setting question is whether I really want the extra two inches as the Brightside-painted bottom of the boat sits on wet bunks in the garage until they dry.  If the difference in support for the trailered hull is actually negligible, does it make sense to let the boat sit on the narrower of the options during the vast majority of its time?  Has anyone else asked themselves this question - - and/or would venture an opinion?




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RE: Trailer Bunks for Tenderly

I had a 21' cabin cruiser sailboat that weighed 2500 pounds and it rode on 2x4 bunks.  You'll be fine.

RE: Trailer Bunks for Tenderly

Oops, just saw the second question.  Your hull should be entirely waterproof, so no need to worry about sitting on wet bunk carpet for a few hours.  The damage comes during the trailering when all the friction happens.  The water may actually help at that point.  I wouldn't worry so much about the bunks.  I know you've put a lot of effort and money into it, but we have tendency to be over protective parents at first.

RE: Trailer Bunks for Tenderly

   Thanks for the reassurance.  The wider bunks have to be ordered anyway, and I'm ready to get the boat in the water after a year or working on it (not counting the months  of delay because of New Hampshire winter temperatures!).  My thought about the boat resting on wider, wet bunks was more of a concern about the extended contact with the paint (Brightside Poly...) while the carpet dried out.  That paint is officially not recommended for below the waterline - - but we use it anyway, especially in circumstances where the boat's in the water for a relatively short time.  So maybe my real question is whether wet bunks of any size have caused anybody problems with the paint after repeated times of sitting on them back in the garage.

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