Passagemaker Plans Build - Parts Layout

In a previous post, I threatened to take an inventory of the parts of the plans on a sheet by sheet basis.  Here's what I came up with this afternoon for posterity after I set up the scarf joints to cure.  Note, still no shark fins...


Page 1/6Forward Bulkhead9mm1Full

Aft Bulkhead9mm1Full

Center Seat9mm1Half

Forward Seat9mm1Half

Mast Step19mm1Full

Bow Transom9mm1Half

Bow Transom Doubler9mm1Half

Bow Knee12mm1Full

Stern Knee12mm1 or 2Full

Aft Seat9mm1Half



Daggerboard Handles6mm2Full

Mast Support9mm1Full

Daggerboard Trunk Side6mm2Full

Daggerboard Trunk Spacers5/8"1 eachFull

Take Apart Doubler18mm1Full

Lug Rig Mast Partner9mm1Full

Lig Rig Doubler9mm1Full

Oarlock Riser3/4"2-4Full

Page 2/6Panel #26mm2Full

Panel #36mm2Full

Panel #46mm2Full

Panel #16mm2Full

Rudder Blade12mm1Full

Aft Transom9mm1Full

Aft Transom Doubler9mm1Full

Rudder Cheek12mm2Full


Rudder Spacer12mm1Full

Yard Jaw18mm2Full

Page 3/6Amidship Frame9mm1Full

Motor Pad9mm1Full

Take Apart Bulkhead9mm1Full

Bottom Panel6mm1Full



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RE: Passagemaker Plans Build - Parts Layout

Uh, I was in the middle of trying to format the paste from the spreadsheet when my hand evidently brushed the touchpad which posted the message.  Sorry...  And of course you can't edit posts on this forum...

The spreadsheet is broken down into the 3 large sheets on the plans.  The columns are Page #, Part, Thickness, Qty, and Half/Full meaning is the part shown full size or is it divided down the centerline.

I'm going to try again on the paste/formatting thing:

Page           Part                       Thickness     Qty     Half/Full

Page 1/6     Forward Bulkhead        9mm               1         Full

                   Aft Bulkhead                 9mm               1         Full

                   Center Seat                  9mm               1         Half

                   Forward Seat                9mm               1         Half

                   Mast Step                     18mm              1          Full

                   Bow Transom                9mm               1         Half

                   Bow Transom Doubler   9mm               1        Half

                   Bow Knee                      12mm             1        Full

                   Stern Knee                     12mm         1 or 2     Full

                   Aft Seat                           9mm              1        Half

                   Skeg                                9mm              2        Full

                   Daggerboard                   12mm            1        Full

                   Daggerboard Handles     6mm              2        Full

                   Mast Support                   9mm              1        Full

                   Daggerboard Trunk Side 6mm              2        Full

            Daggerboard Trunk Spacers  5/8"            1 each   Full

                   Take Apart Doubler         18mm          1           Full

                    Lug Rig Mast Partner     9mm            1           Full

                    Lig Rig Doubler              9mm            1            Full

                    Oarlock Riser                 3/4"            2-4           Full

Page 2/6      Panel #2                        6mm            2             Full

                    Panel #3                        6mm             2             Full

                    Panel #4                        6mm             2             Full

                    Panel #1                        6mm             2             Full

                    Rudder Blade                12mm           1             Full

                    Aft Transom                    9mm           1             Full

                    Aft Transom Doubler      9mm            1             Full

                    Rudder Cheek                12mm          2             Full

                    Gooseneck                     18mm          1             Full

                     Rudder Spacer               12mm         1             Full

                     Yard Jaw                         18mm         2             Full

Page 3/6       Amidship Frame              9mm          1              Full

                     Motor Pad                        9mm          1              Full

                     Take Apart Bulkhead       9mm           1              Full

                     Bottom Panel                   6mm           1              Full

                     Tiller                                 3/4"             1              Full

                     Yard                                 3/4"              1              Full

RE: Passagemaker Plans Build - Parts Layout


Why are you doing this? I'm genuinely puzzled by this exercise. If it's because of the missing sharkfin, you could just call CLC Customer Service and see if there really is a problem with the plans or if it's juat your set is missing a sheet. Probably a lot less work than this.

+1 on the lack of an edit feature.



RE: Passagemaker Plans Build - Parts Layout

First, I'm trying to contribute to the forum and make it easier on other builders.  I've spent probably an hour rolling and unrolling 16' sheets of paper to find specific parts (see my thread about trying to lay out parts on 36" wide paper on 48" wide plywood).  

Second, I was just waiting for epoxy to cure at the end of the day, so thought it was worth spending a few minutes to document something that I haven't found documented anywhere else.

Third, I'm all about trying to resolve things on my own without engaging customer service.  I'm also on the West Coast, so time zones interfere with getting support for half the day.  I needed to make sure I hadn't missed it somewhere in the plans.  I wasn't even bad-mouthing the plans.

I already stated that I made my own shark fin pattern.  I've always respected your input and have treated you with the utmost respect as an invaluable resource on this forum.  Not sure why I seem to bother you so much.  I'm just a guy building boats and looking to share info both ways.  I thought that's what this forum is all about.  Not sure why I even have to explain myself.  Sigh...


RE: Passagemaker Plans Build - Parts Layout


You took it wrong again.

I was just curious about why you were doing this, so I thought I'd ask you. I've never seen the CLC PMD plans so I couldn't understand why you were up to this. What you're doing here is a lot of work, I was missing the point so I was trying to fix that. I was asking you to explain, not to explain yourself.

Thank you for the explanation, it makes more sense now, Maybe it can make it into the plans package,



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