transom misaligned?

Hello, I'm pretty much done building my Annapolish Wherry Tandem except for final finishing, but I'm afraid I really screwed up.  When I look down the boat from the bow, the transom is visibly higher on one side. Everything lined up perfectly with the bulkheads when I was building and finishing it.  When I view it looking from the stern along the bottom of the boat, it eyes up nicely. Since I'm pretty sure there's not much I can do at this point, I'm wondering of the boat's tracking will be severely affected. Maybe there are some adjustments I can consider? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. 

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RE: transom misaligned?

If the apex of the bow, the center of the top of the transom, and the apex of the lower, aft tip of the skeg all line up in the same vertical plane, then I don't see how the boat could be seriously asymetrical.  You should be able to check that by setting the boat up on a couple of horses, carefully leveling it side to side (use a level--you can't trust your eyes that way), and then sighting down from astern with some sort of plumb line (no need to get fancy--alarge fishing sinker on a string will do).

If it isn't seriously twisted out of plumb, you might be able to lessen the visual effect by re-shaping the top of the transom.  Looks like the transom of this design protrudes quite a bit above the gun'l's and the quarter knees, so you might be able to get away with that.

Hope it ain't too whopperjawed....


RE: transom misaligned?

   Thanks, I'll give that a try.  To my eye, the bulkheads appear to be perfectly aligned with each other, so hopefully the problem isn't as big as I think it might be. 

RE: transom misaligned?

If it only looks a little off from a certain angle to your understandably hyper-critial eye, then I would consider it a success, get over it and move on to enjoying the crap out of what you've built...

RE: transom misaligned?

Aye aye Captain Skully! Yes I will enjoy it. I'm a little off myself, so it matches my personality. 

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