New CHESAPEAKE model about to be launched?

I recently read the following in the ‘New Launchings’ columns of a prestigious boating magazine Down Here.   Is CLC keeping something from us?


“The Chesapeake 58 Explorer is a 60 ft luxury pleasure boat designed for long-range cruising.   Its steel hull has a low profile to minimise windage and twin fin stabilisers that protect the propellers of the twin 250hp motors while ensuring the vessel remains upright if grounded.   The Chesapeake 58 Explorer is expected to sell for A$2.2 million”.

 Ignoring the small matter of cost, I guess I’d better beef-up my wooden saw-horses if wanting to start construction! Wordsmith

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RE: New CHESAPEAKE model about to be launched?

Hell, I bet you could build one of those at home for half the cost! 

Seriously, though, that sounds like a fun little runabout to play with on the water.


RE: New CHESAPEAKE model about to be launched?

It's been printed on a thousand souvenir wall plaques, and reprinted in hundreds of nostalgic boating articles, but it bears repeating: "There is nothing in life quite so pleasurable as messing about in small boats with twin 250 horse engines."

Anyway, the Chessie line was due for a mid-life tweak, and it was a relatively easy mod to make.  Harris was able to keep the CNC program for the bow and stern panels the same, and just add 45 feet or so in the midsections.

Apartment dwellers will want to check with their condo association before ordering the kit, as a number of the neighbors' living room walls will need to come out temporarily, and we know how difficult it can be to persuade even one spouse how minor the inconvenience really is, if you look at the practical and safety benefits of having a high quality boat in just a few short months, or years at the most.

End pours are another matter.  I don't suggest doing these until you have the boat literally out of the house, on the front lawn of the condo.  Problem is, oftimes with your modern buildings, you will get halfway done sawing through the very first ceiling to find that your power saw's masonry blade is hitting solid rebar.  If you're like me, you won't have your safely goggles on because they fogged up and you threw them off in anger and they went into the powder-room toilet, and then there's always one busybody who's gotten himself elected to the association board who will find some obscure rule about so-called "excessive noise" that no-one knew was in there. So it is just a word to the wise, I'm not saying my way is the best, do whatever works for you.


RE: New CHESAPEAKE model about to be launched?

I'm just trying to figure out how many MAS #3 Economy Kits I'm gonna have to order....

George K

RE: New CHESAPEAKE model about to be launched?

The magazine was confused. It's not an upgrade to the Chessie line, it's the new "Deep Pockets Ship"



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