Chester Yawl - All Paint Color Schemes?

Greetings! I have my kit and I am getting ready to build. I didn't order paint or varnish as I am still trying to figure out how I will finish the boat. I very much like the idea of the durability of using recommended paint on all surfaces but I can't find examples of anyone that has done that. Have you avoided bright finish entirely too? Do you have pictures you wouldn't mind sharing? Or maybe you just have some thoughts on this approach. Please share.

I have concidered two approaches:

White hull up to a dark green panel 6 and rub rail and white interior except for green fore and aft seats, paddling seat and brace, and likley the breasthook and quarter knee.

Alternatively, same facing the sky but using a medium or dark blue below the green panel six for the hull exterior.

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RE: Chester Yawl - All Paint Color Schemes?

   I can't help w/ a chester yawl, but I painted my skerry inside and out, due to my imperfect skills, impatience, and personal aesthetic sense.  I went w/ the Hatteras White Brightsides inside and Sea Green on the outside.  I did varnish the rails and breasthooks, daggerboard and rudder, because they were easy to do, and make a good touch.  I get lots of compliments sailing around Annapolis, and it's definitely just a 20 foot finish.  I even flattened the green to hide some of my epoxy errors.

BTW, get a set of the StopLoss bags that CLC sells.  They are da bomb.  I kept my pint of leftover paint and near a quart of varnish for over 18 months and just used some yesterday to touch up the inevitable dings.


RE: Chester Yawl - All Paint Color Schemes?

My NE Dory got a white exterior just because I like the way a white hull looks on the water.
Deciding on the interior was a little more involved. Thought initially to go with white but decided the glare would be just terrible. Glad I made this decision.  Then decided a glare avoiding dark color would absorb too much IR and get too hot. Finally opted to finish interior bright with a satin finish bordering on flat. Works pretty well except I don't think varnish is quite as durable as paint.  When I refinish the interior I will probably paint the bottom and lower strake a light gray, again very flat. The uppers strakes will stay bright.


RE: Chester Yawl - All Paint Color Schemes?

Much thanks to Mummichog and Silver Salt! I would love to see pictures. I can tell we are thinking similar thoughts.


RE: Chester Yawl - All Paint Color Schemes?

 Link to Flickr pics of Silver Salt



RE: Chester Yawl - All Paint Color Schemes?

Sweet looking boat, Silver Salt! Thanks!

RE: Chester Yawl - All Paint Color Schemes?


   Ahh, thought I'd shared one of my skerry, but google photos is not good for pasting in these types of fora.  Lemme try it from flickr:

I don't have a good beauty shot of it on the water yet.

And this should be the varnished rail and bow breast hook:

RE: Chester Yawl - All Paint Color Schemes?

You will note my much less than perfect surface prep on the hull if you zoom in, but really, from 10 feet, it's hard to see the difference due to the flattening agent I added to the green Brightsides.

RE: Chester Yawl - All Paint Color Schemes?

���Beautiful, Mummichog. That may be the balance I seek. I think I will look both of you up on Flickr. I am Brett of Binnshire. Thanks!

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