Boat Epoxy Kits

Hi All - I'm looking into some kits and some DIY canoe building sets. I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts on the best epoxy system to use? I also wanted to ask what everyone thought of buying the kits with the pumps for measuring? Are they worth it or is this just a bit of a gimmick and it's easier to just measure in a graduated cup?

Thanks very much for any input!


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RE: Boat Epoxy Kits

   I just finished building my teardrop.  I went through  2 1/2  gal of MAS resin and half that amount of hardener.  The metering pumps are definitely NOT a gimmick.  Having to measure both arts every time I needed epoxy would have added an unnecessary complication.

RE: Boat Epoxy Kits

I like System Three Silvertip, with pumps. Just remember to keep the pumps clean.



RE: Boat Epoxy Kits

   The pump kits are the best $13 you will ever spend.  MAS is supposed to be non-blushing and have less tendency to develop allergies, which has become an issue with my boat building career.  I haven't had a chance to use their products yet, but they've sponsored my next build with an extremely generous supply of their product.  I write 1x or 2x on each jug of resin/hardener as needed with a Sharpie, which has saved my butt on numerous occasions.

RE: Boat Epoxy Kits

   Thanks everyone - that's really helpful. I'll definitely buy the pumps along with the kit!

RE: Boat Epoxy Kits

After a few projects, I ditched the pumps and haven't looked back. A number of things aggravated me- the occassional "burp" of air that made me fret about screwing up a ratio, drips after use, and the sloooooow pace when resin is cool. And while they're not going to break the bank, buying replacement pumps seemed to add insult to injury.

Now I simply pour into graduated cups. Never had an issue with precision, zero mess, no added moving parts, couldn't be quicker.

All personal preference. I'm gratified by the 2 minutes I save on this step but I'm sure I waste hours elsewhere!

Good luck,


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