Peeler Porpoising

Just finished my Peeler, center console model, and installed a Mercury outboard. The boat porpoises at about 18 mph. I moved the engine so the cavitation plate is in line with the bottom of the boat and it does not help. Six gallon tank and battery are at the stern. Has anyone used a hydrofoil attached to the motor to solve this problem and, if so, can you recommend a brand? Thanks, Jack

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RE: Peeler Porpoising

We bolted "Doel-fins" to the lower unit of our outboard. This leveled out the lightweight Peeler Skiff at higher speeds. A lively motion isn't peculiar to the Peeler Skiff; it's intrinsic to any 350-pound powerboat! (A Boston Whaler the same length weighs 900 pounds.)

These are inexpensive and quick to install.


RE: Peeler Porpoising

Thanks John, I will try it out. Jack   

RE: Peeler Porpoising

   Installed a Doelfin and it works well. Problem solved. 


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