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So, Im just about finished with my NE dory build, just waiting on the oars to be shipped. In the meantime I plan on making two nameplates  to go on the top hull panel near the stern on both the port and starbord sides. . I picked up some beautiful cedar to make them out of.  Does anyone have any tips on ways to do this?  Im thinking I could carve them (but that entails buying nice chisels and A LOT of time), routing the letters out with a coved bit with a little detail, or just simply stencil and paint the name. I would paint the letters gold afterwards.  I would have to plane the cedar down to be about 1/4-3/8" to fit the curve of the hull, which may make carving impossible, but routing still plausible. The boats name is Katherine (or Lady K), still unsure, named after my grandmother.  

Also ways to adhere it the boat, epoxy, small brass screws (the hull may be too thin), etc. 

Any recommendations are appreciated. I really want it to be pretty. 

Sorry this post is pretty much word puke, I'm in a hurry! 

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RE: Nameplate on NE Dory

   I have to say, the vinyl lettering I ordered from BoatUS came out quite nicely on my skerry.  I applied them to the hull, not quarterboards, but you could do that.  If you can carve, that'd be really impressive, but I don't have anything like that skill.  Getting the alignment, spacing, everything else would take some work.  

If you need inspiration, here's a gallery of work by a high end signage place near Annapolis.  Their stuff decorates some serious yachts.

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