NE Dory inwales question about spacers?

I have read a few posts plus John and one members post on the spaced inwales and unless I am missing something it seems like the dimensions of the spacers varies and takes a lot of time to figure out.  Is there not a set dimenision and more speicific intructions for these?  For example: 24 pieces 2.25" and 6 pieces, 2"

I don't have a table saw or cut off saw but have access to one this weekend and would like to be able to use it but only if I don't have to measure each one, since the saw cannot be moved from my friends home.  Hope this post makes sense....LOL! 

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RE: NE Dory inwales question about spacers?

   Remind us...questions..

Are you building this as a lug rig (and thus a mast thwart with knees built in) makes a difference for the spacing from the mast thwart to the breasthook vs the ones from the knee to stern.

Also, are you building it to have 3 total rowing stations? (this also makes a difference)


RE: NE Dory inwales question about spacers?

   Planning on a lug rig with only two rowing stations, mid ship and aft.  Hope that helps moonchaser..

RE: NE Dory inwales question about spacers?

   Hope this helps....for me there was no magic formula, leaning on looks and spacing I liked from other boats.  Here's what I did:

1) mount knees and breasthook

2) Find where oar locks will go and tape pieces of paper over the gunwale the length you need for a longer spacer to support the oar locks....maybe 5-6"?

3) cut some pieces of paper 3" or so and tape them to the gunwale behind the knees to the transom spaced however you like.

4) do same from knee to breasthook

5) Dont like the spacing?  Cut new pieces of paper smaller or larger 

Here is a picture of what I mean by the pieces of paper:

You can then cursor left of right to see other pics

If that doesnt help, let me know and I can get the actual measurements of the spaces and blocks I did


RE: NE Dory inwales question about spacers?

 Following Moonchasers pictures, I used 3 x 5 index cards, 3" for blocks, 5" for spacers. Needed to overlap alittle to accommodate for looks at knees, oar locks and breast hooks.  Some ended to be 2 1/2 to 3 1/4 blocks and sapcers could vary by 1/4".  Made all 3 oar locks 6 " solid blocks.Was easy enough and gave a visual cue for what needed to be done. I extended the reach to the oar lock to over 17 " because of my long arms, I'm 6'4". measured each lock from the aft side of the bulkhead.  Dan

RE: NE Dory inwales question about spacers?

   Thanks both Moonchaser and JC you have been very helpful!

RE: NE Dory inwales question about spacers?

I think the other replies have pretty much covered the bases -- All my blocks were the same length but I did vary the gaps.  I made a series of gap spacer blocks so I could play around with the spacing -- 2", 2 1/8", 2 1/4", 2 3/8".  I found that if adjacent gaps were varied by only 1/8", it really wasn't noticible.  I also cheated under the oar riser blocks -- bigger gaps there.

Dave M. 

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