NE Dory build update photos


Hey everyone, I figured I would post some progress photos on my NE Dory build.  As you'll see here, the hull is painted, flipped, and my girlfriend and I built some cradles for the boat on Saturday.  I taught her how to use a skilsaw and the rest was history (she has to work on wearing her ear protection though...)

I have to say, the boat in the cradles gives it a whole new perspective and it's looking better than ever.  I love being able to see the rails, hull, and the brightwork skeg all in the same view.  Check it out! 


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RE: NE Dory build update photos

 Giggen --  Looks great!  I'm just about ready to put Brightsides on my hull -- that will be the last step before putting the dory on a trailer and stepping the mast.  You're inwales look great!

Dave M. 

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