Building a New Hatch Cover

I had an accident with the building of my boat that left a nice "hole" in the aft of the deck.  Bummer, to put it mildly, but fortunately it is very close to where my hatch would go (it hadn't been cut) and will only require a slight location readjustment.  Now that I have the deck fiberglassed and am at that point of needing to put in the hatches, I'm ready to cut out the hatch.  The problem is the piece is damadged enough I will most likely need to replace it and build a new cover.  How could I build a cover to match the curve of the boat?  I'm imagineing I'll have the piece I cut out to be a mold to give that bend, but I'm not sure yet.  Thoughts?

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RE: Building a New Hatch Cover

Boat type?


RE: Building a New Hatch Cover

���Chesapeake 17

RE: Building a New Hatch Cover

Order the CLC Flush Kit (  This will fix your problem and make your boat better.  The kit includes cover blanks so you can discard the damaged wood.  I wish that I had putflush hatches in the two Chesapeakes that I built.    

RE: Building a New Hatch Cover

if you are close to CLC, you stop by their store and pick up a scrap piece of okome for a couple bucks.  you can also have them ship you one...  not sure how much it is to mail. 

just a quick note on the flush hatch...the blanks they include is for the doubler that is part of the flush hatch construction.  its not to replace the the hatch you cut you would still be a piece short potentially.

if you order the fliush hatch kit, you can have them add an extra plywood blank so you can replace the piece you broke.   they could add it to the shipment, i suspect, without any increase in the postage.



RE: Building a New Hatch Cover

Are you building from a kit or plans?   

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