Staining spacered inwale & outwale

Hey all,

Does anyone have any experience staining the spacered inwale (along with blocks), and the outwale?  From my reading thus far, the Solar Lux dye doesn't penetrated the wood, if it does it is very little.  Also, the dry time for the dye is very quick and I understand a retardant may be necessary.  I'm worried about sanding the epoxy after they are installed, and going right through the dye, as touching up the dye is very tedious (Behler claims it will double the darkness if a second coat is applied, so overlapping the stains would lead to problems). 

I'm just looking for a very deep mahogany color. Any recommendations/tips?

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RE: Staining spacered inwale & outwale

Hey Giggin,

First of all, congrats on having the courage to do spacered inwales.  I believe I will be following suit on my TAPM.

Second, in my experience, stain is rarely used on brightwork.  With a proper UV protectant clear coat, the wood will have a dark, wet look, which is usually sufficient for most builders.  Also, the wood will darken with age naturally underneath.

If I was set on dying wood, I've successfully used TransTint analine dye on mahogany furniture mixed with either distilled water or isopropyl alcohol, depending on whether you want to raise the grain or not, ease of blending, drying time, etc.

RE: Staining spacered inwale & outwale


   Thanks for the response CaptainSkully, I've decided against using a dye.  I did a test piece of the outwales, and it turned out to be the exact color I want!


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