Puzzle Joint ridge

So the epoxy has cured on the rest of my puzzle joints for my Annapolis Wherry. . .and I have a couple of joints where one of the "fingers" of the puzzle joint is not flush.  It is raised 1-2mm.  Luckily all of the lapstrakes are symetrical with the the other.  Just a couple of high spots.

Should I sand the joint smooth?  Cabinet scraper?  What say the group.

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RE: Puzzle Joint ridge

Are you painting or varnishing?


RE: Puzzle Joint ridge

Laszlo asks a good question.  

that said, if you have a heatgun you can soften these up and push them flat.  have done it more than a couple times. you do need to be careful not to burn the wood....but it is pretty straight forward.

fwiw, usually my tolerance for mistakes is the thickness of the veneer.  can i clean it up with a bit of sanding or is my sanding going to take me into the core? (and that is why i suspect laszlo is asking the question he is asking)....  the veneer is about a millimeter thick on most of these.



RE: Puzzle Joint ridge

   Planning on painting the outside of the hull and farnishing the inside. . I'm confident I could sand it and NOT go through the venier as it's not sticking up more than 1/2 of the wide of the venier layer.  But didn't want to compromise the integrity either.

RE: Puzzle Joint ridge

   Well I started with the scraper. . but ultimately just went to 120 grit sanding on the belt sander and the joints are nice and smooth.  Just a small indication on 1 finger on a single joint of sanding through the venier.  I'm going to go with it. .

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