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I am working on a WD12 hybrid, still stitching the hull, and have found that the transom piece does not fit properly.  The manual states that the transom piece should just barely split the hull panels and stitch into the side panels.  The problem I have is that if I do that, the transom piece ends up much higher the the top of the side panels, probably an inch, and the wire holes do not line up.  The manual does not mention trimming the top of the transom piece on the 12' kit.   Does anyone know if the transom piece is the same for 10' and 12' kits?  Is it possible I was shipped the wrong transom piece?

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RE: Wood Duck 12 Transom help

Forgot to mention, the hull joints are toward the bow, and the side joints are toward the stern, at first I thought I may have stitched on the side panel backwards, but I do not see how that is possible, the bow lines match up pretty well.   

RE: Wood Duck 12 Transom help

   I had worries about my transom as well.  It appears that if you make the top of the transom even with the top of the sides (which is what you want) it does not fit well otherwise.  But it does make the holes line up.  You will find that the side extend past the transom slightly, like 1/8".  The transom will not full follow the line of the ends of the panels.  To make the sides curve with the transom you end up with the slight overhang.  I went round and round with this, and even gave my son a shot at it.  So I ended up searching the net to look at transom pics.  All were identical to mine, and match what you can see in the manual.  I aligned the top and made the transom fit as best I could. When it came time to sand it took only a few seconds to sand off the slight excess and bring everything perfectly fair.  Unfortunately I do not have a pic of this before sanding.   However one of the several pics I found that let me know I was ok is here:  https://hattonkayak.wordpress.com/front-page/december-2015-glue/

Look at about half way down the page where you see a lighter being used.  This is identical to what mine, and others I have seen, look like.

RE: Wood Duck 12 Transom help


Thanks for the reply.  I ended up fitting the transom piece in the bottom, leaving the top protruding out, which will be easy to trim off.  In hindsight, After doing this, and fighting with the stern panels, I have a feeling I should have lined up the top (and wire holes) the panels would have been less stressed to match up.  A quick check of the deck forms in the stern, and it looks like I am about 1.25" narrow in the back.  Since I will be stripping the deck, I am figuring I can deal with this, as it's only 5/8" per side.  I have another week or so before I have to worry about that anyway.

RE: Wood Duck 12 Transom help

   I had similar issues building a couple of Wood Duck 10s.  Not a design I would gladly build again.

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