Peeler Skiff Throttle Question

First, I want to thank CLC and other Peeler Skiff builders for the valuable advice included in the builders’ forum. I have about 2,000 hours into building my Peeler Skiff and, with the benefit of the advice in the builders’ forum, I expect to have a nice completed boat after about 500 hours of more work. My boat is turning out well and there is no Viking funeral on the horizon. This coming spring, I will post some pictures of the finished product on Lake Coeur d’ Alene.

Second, I have started to shop for a 15 hp motor and throttle. In my city there is a dealer that I trust, and I am thinking about buying from him a 15 hp Tohatsu with remote steering, electric start and power tilt. (The dealer tells me, and it appears obvious from inspecting the motors, that the Tohatsu 15 is the same motor as the Mercury 15 and Nissan 15.) The Tohatsu comes with a throttle and it would cost me more to swap the Tohatsu throttle out for the Uflex throttle like the one shown on CLC’s Peeler Skiff. I like the Tohatsu throttle but it is bulkier than the Uflex because all of its workings will be mounted on the side of the center console. I could mount the Tohatsu (or Mercury) throttle assembly at an angle on the center console, but I think I will have to run the throttle cable on the outside of the console, drop the cable behind the bench on which the console sits, and then route the cable underneath the bench before I thread it to the transom as is shown in the Peeler Skiff instruction manual.

Do other Peeler Skiff builders have any advice on using a Mercury or Tohatsu throttle assembly on a Peeler Skiff center console?


Fred in Spokane

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RE: Peeler Skiff Throttle Question

   Correction: I have about 200 hours in the project and expect another 50.



RE: Peeler Skiff Throttle Question

Thanks! You had me counting on my fingers.

Can't help you on the throttle though.




RE: Peeler Skiff Throttle Question

  Yes, I have heard that Mercury outboards less than 40 HP are made by Tohatsu.  I bought a Honda with all the bells and whistles and their throttle control box with ignition.  I'm thinking it is similar to what you are referring to, it is also like the Yamaha.  It is bulkier and larger than the U Flex throttles.  Honda and Yamaha are a bit more pricey but have better warranties and I have mechanics near me for warranty work, etc.  that said, the motors are all pretty simple and probably the same guts.

 I mounted the controls on the side of my console and ran the cables down over the outside of the seat, then under and up through the seat near the bulkhead and then back just like you are thinking,  this gave the cables a nice curve and everything works fine.  Not the prettiest control box ever but has everything including idiot lights.  To make mine a bit nicer I made a pattern out of one inch mahogany a half inch wider than the outline of the box, this moved it out more away from my wheel and gave it a nice contrast to the Okoume.  I modified my console from CLC original plans because when I made my boat the console wasnt available yet in the kit.  So it is a bit smaller, shorter and narrower.   

RE: Peeler Skiff Throttle Question

The throttle was installed and all is well. Attached is a picture taken after my boat was out in February on Lake Coeur d'Alene. To neatly route all of the cables for a motor with electric tilt, and to put the battery up under the center console seat, I had to use a 1.5" bit for most of the cable routing holes. The only hole that is 1" is the one inside the console for the steering cable.


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