Garboard Plugs

I'm a bit nonplussed.  When I flipped my EP over for the first time in six months, I heard water sloshing in the aft boyancy tank.  Sigh...  To address this, I want to install some drain plugs.  I found some nice stainless ones that will go with the gudgeons and pintles (Sea Dog 5200651)

Sea-Dog, Oblong Captive Garboard Drain & Plug

Question is, do I install one on the aft transom or on the interior bulkhead?  Out back, it will be easier to drain as I tip it up into the back of my pickup, but that's a hole under the waterline on the exterior.  If I install it on the interior of the bulkhead, it'll be tricky to get it to drain, but at least it's on the interior and won't become a self-fulfilling prophecy of draining the water it's let in.  Any advice?  BTW, the plug itself is captive, so you can't lose it very easily...

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RE: Garboard Plugs

I have the same drainplug installed on my Peeler Skiff through the transom centered so its lower edge is flush with the cockpit sole on the inside.  It's very secure and has never leaked a drop.  It's there to drain any water that gets into the enterior of the boat, not into the bouyancy tanks.  It also makes it easier to wash sand, bait and fish scales out of the interior of the boat with a hose (while she's on her trailer).

If I were you, I might try to find and fix the leak.  Draining the accumulated water is good, not accumulating water in a bouyancy tank is better for the long-term health of the boat.


RE: Garboard Plugs

   I've bought three plastic versions of this to install on my Peeler's three tanks to allow me to equalize the pressure caused by temp changes. I plan to install them inside up under the seats to keep them out of the weather. I'm wondering now if I should install ones down low as drains (not easy to turn a Peeler).

On a boat you can flip I would install it on the inside up under the seat to act as a vent when the boat right side up and a drain when turned over. You shouldn't need a through hull on the EP since it's best to store them belly up.

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