Okoume fest 2015 ?

Just trying to plan my vacation time from work. Has a date been set for Okoume fest 2015 ?

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RE: Okoume fest 2015 ?

OkoumeFest is May 15 & 16 this year.

Link to the OkoumeFest Page

RE: Okoume fest 2015 ?


The CLC events page (reachable through the News and Events tab at the top of thiis page) has the CLC calendar for the entire year, so you can plan all your boatbuilding vacations.

See you at Matapeake,



RE: Okoume fest 2015 ?

   Thanks for the information. We look forward to seeing you there.

Lou & Donna

RE: Okoume fest 2015 ?

   Sorry if this is not the right place, but is there an agenda for the two days? I'd like to know when the demos, etc will be going on.


RE: Okoume fest 2015 ?

Closing in on our 20th year for OkoumeFest, the itinerary has settled into a comfortable routine that seems to work for everyone.

All day Friday May 16th will be an open house at the factory, with boatbuilding seminars.  We've not yet identified what exactly those will be this year, but there's nearly always fiberglassing, varnishing, and other stitch-and-glue-centric things.  Friday evening we serve burgers and beer.

Saturday shifts over to Matapeake State Park, about 15 miles away, for on-water activities.  There are usually around a hundred boats on the beach, most available for trials.  In the early years we crammed Saturday with seminars and so on, but have found that leaving the day open for "adult swim" is more fun.  The only semi-organized activities are toy boat making for kids and official judging of homebuilt boats for awards.

It's all free.

You can get a good feel for the event by scrolling through last year's recap. 

For the third year, WaterTribe will be running "Raid"-type races in conjunction with OkoumeFest.  It's a little different this year in that the finish of the two races will coincide with Saturday's events at Matapeake.  If you want to enter those races, just a few days left to sign up!

RE: Okoume fest 2015 ?

The text on the H2OTribes home page say that both races "...will be launched on the last day of Chesapeake Light Craft's OkoumeFest from Matapeake State Park ", but then goes on to say that the long race will start on the 13th and the short one on the 16th.

I just hope that there'll be room on the beach for everyone.




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