Peeler Skiff Center Console

My daughter and I are in the process of building a Peeler skiff with the Center Console option.  We are still a ways away from installing the console (hoping to start stitching the sides on and making the parts look like a boat this weekend) where would I find the instructions for building/attaching the console?

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RE: Peeler Skiff Center Console

   I had the same problem when I ordered my console. If you click on the CONTACT US tab at the head of the web site and tell them what you need , they can email you a pdf file with the proceedure and /or mail you a hard copy.

RE: Peeler Skiff Center Console

   Also, when you start to stitch the sides to the bottom, it is very helpful if you support the bottom panel at the ends only. This will cause the bottom to sag just the right amount to meet the curve of the chine(bottom of side panels). It is easier to push up on the bottom when stitching then down on the sides.

RE: Peeler Skiff Center Console

Don't understand why you didn't get the print instructions, but obviously we're standing by to send that.  It's a 50-page addendum.  That's now being wrapped into the manual so it won't be a separate thing in the future.

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