CLC 16LT with SailRig - Can it support 2 passengers?

Hi Everyone,

I built a CLC 16 LT kayak in my teens before I thought about sailing at all.  Now I’m interested in purchasing the CLC sailrig to use in conjunction with my single passenger kayak.  However, I would really like to be able to take another person out with me.  I began sailing last summer on 30’ boats with most of my experience being with the jib/jenny or helping with the spinnaker.  I am not a confident sailor on my own due to lack of experience and would be relieved to have an experienced sailor with me until I get some practice with the sailrig.

Has anyone tried modifying the CLC kits to allow a second passenger to rid on a SailRig-equipped single passenger kayak?  I’ve seen a Weta sailing on a few occasions where the person is sitting on a net like material (called tramp/trampoline?) instead of in a cockpit.  Can anyone voice an opinion if it seems feasible to create a similar trampoline setup without interfering with structural integrity?  Then one person could be in the cockpit and another on the trampoline or possibly both on the trampoline.  I can visualize it being a nuisance if the wind was to die and the passengers had to paddle.  Although I’ve seen the Weta sailor paddling just fine. 

I was also thinking about having the second passenger sit behind the cockpit or over the back hatch. But then I’m concerned with the weight limit.  The 16 LT is listed with a max payload weight of 220 lbs and passenger weight as being 100-160 lbs (I weigh about 110).  Correct me if I’m wrong, but the sailrig should be able to support a greater weight if the side rigs support some of the additional weight?

I’m definitely a novice builder and sailor so any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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RE: CLC 16LT with SailRig - Can it support 2 passengers?


first, i am not an expert on design....but relatively experienced builder and sailor.  so john at clc gets the last word on this.

my sense if that you should not try to modify to two passengers.  its not just the weight....but where the designer expects the weight to be that is important and has a large impact on where stresses are developed.  i don't thing the structure of the outriggers and ama's is designed to support a trampoline.  and i am not sure the ama's have the excess buoyancy to handle having the weight out towards the ama's and not in the cockpit.

if the essence of the issue is developing should address that as a seperate issue.  there are a couple approaches.  one is simply limiting your sailing to very protected waters  with people around  and a good forecast of light and not crazy winds.  the other is to develop your sailing skills through some lessons or work with an experienced sailor on as similar a boat as possible but that is actually built for two.  on that idea, i would get some hobie cat the general sailing characteristics of a small hobie cat would probably be reasonable preperation for the sail-rig. 


good luck




RE: CLC 16LT with SailRig - Can it support 2 passengers?

I wouldn't try it  I would think it would be too much weight on the deck of the kayak.  I doubt the person sitting on the hatch cover of the kayak would be too comfirtable even if it doesn't break the rear deck.

If I were you I would try to find an old Sunfish (which is what most sailors learned to sail on)  and use that to build up your confidence sailing  and then buy the sailrig for the kayak if you want to.   Usually you can get a decent Sunfish on Craigslist for about $400-$500 bucks.  

I really wouldn't reccomend a Hobie cat for a beginning sailor because they are difficult to right when they capsize even for experienced sailors.  I believe Windrider makes a trimaran that has room for two people but those things are fairly pricey.




RE: CLC 16LT with SailRig - Can it support 2 passengers?


I have a Sport Tandem that has the Sailrig Mk3 on it and have recently added basic test trampolines to see if the concept works and it really does.

A couple of photos of it are on

and I should have some video posted soon.

We've only managed to get out in low and very low ind wind so far and it worked really well. We have mast stays to the ends of the aka's to spread the load and the I have extended the area where the aka's meet the deck and also put 10mm of heavy duty neoprene between them to spread the load.

Expecting the difference once we are out in higher winds where we were having major problems with the ama's submerging and wanting to dig in - we have been out in some pretty heavy winds previously though.

The stays were added as the Mk3 mast was twiting and bending all over th place and the stays make a huge difference along with the RS200 we have added.

A small amount of effort strengthening the deck on the underside and the neoprene seems very effective in spreading the loads.

My wife and I are also both pretty light as well though.

RE: CLC 16LT with SailRig - Can it support 2 passengers?

Could you put a person on the aft hatch of a CLC16LT?   How big of a person?  I barely fit in the cockpit of a 17. Based upon that, No.  No matter how many other hulls you add.

There is a big difference between the foredeck of a 30 ft sail boat and the light weight tri the CLC 16LT would become.  If you had tiller time and main sheet time it woulld be different, but still things just don't work the same. For example, the mono hull has momentum and coasts through a tack as the wind angle of attack changes over the head of the boat. On a light multi hull the momentum is more fleeting. Boats often if not handled properly will stall out loosing momentum and have to fall off before completing a tack.  My Hobie sailor friends often put a few pedal strokes in or paddle strokes to get the boat to tack through the wind.

I suggest you get some small boat time before investing in the kit and sailing. Our local sailing club sponsors sailing lessons. Perhaps a club near you. The biggest problem is that novice sailers often go out before they learn how to get back. Sounds simple but apparently difficult. Many times we've had to rescue the down wind sailor and bring them back because they haven't learned how to sneak up on the wind.

Yes you could add a tramp. Which might give you the ability to add moveable weight (person) on the windward hull aft to counter the lee hull burying in. Or add another person.  Somewhere there is a tipping point where the added rigging, rudder, hiking stick, new trailer, etc makes the CLC 16LT someting else.     

RE: CLC 16LT with SailRig - Can it support 2 passengers?

   Have you read John's blog on the sailing rig?



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