Boat Selection - Help Needed

Hi all - I'm new to boat building and I'm hoping to get some advice / feedback.  I'm looking to built a smaller boat (preferably something small enough that I can cartop) to be used predominately in bays / harbors in the Mid-Atlantic region.  I fish alot, so I'd love to be able to have good stablity, a fair amount of room for gear (small anchor / fishing gear), and a small outboard motor that I could use if I wanted.  

Ultimately I'm looking for something small, versatile, and tough.  Any particular suggestions for my application?  I could use a trailer if absolutely necessary, but I'm really looking for something small and rugged; I don't plan on going out onto unsheltered water with it.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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RE: Boat Selection - Help Needed

   wood duck 12 or mill creek 16 may work.  not sure about motors....but a lot of folks use these for fishing.

RE: Boat Selection - Help Needed

Eastport pram fits slow your needs. 

Georg K

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