What happened to my scarf joints?

I am currently building second Kaholo, and second build total, and had some funky stuff go on when gluing scarf joints for the side panels today. When I took the weights off about 12 hours after starting the epoxy had expanded enough so that I could see in between the two pieces. The weight I used was the same as last time, and all those joints came out fine. I did fiddle with the planks after putting the wax paper and weights on so maybe I screwed it up then but I wanted to see about similar issues out there so the same thing doesn't happen when I sart the process over tomorrow. 

By the way I was going to fix it by cutting out that one inch and re scarfing the same pieces. If I remember correctly the Kaholo 14 side pieces should give me enough room to work with on this since currently the side planks are just big 16 ft long rectangles and I have not cut out the sides yet. This should work right?

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RE: What happened to my scarf joints?

   A picture would be very helpful here.  

I wouldn't cut it.  I didn't have that much left over to cut off on my build.

Take a heat gun and soften the joint to break it open.  Clean it all back up and try again.  Good luck.

RE: What happened to my scarf joints?

   Heat gun worked. Thanks. I forgot to take a picture before I took them apart. I think I just fiddled with them too much after the weights were on and got some wax paper wedged in the 


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