Yellow hardener?

I am on my second build now. I finished the first one in May 2013. I stored my leftover epoxy in my garage and in a shelf under my table. It does get over 100 during the summer and fall here. My garage stays a little cooler than outside but not much. When I went to use my epoxy/hardener for my new build the hardener was super yellow. Is this an issue? I am using MAS. 



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RE: Yellow hardener?

   I have built 2 kayaks and am now finishing the build of a Northeaster Dory.  I ran out of hardener just one or two little jobs Short of being done.   I got out the dregs of my System Three epoxy left over from the 2nd kayak build (they were both Pygmy Boats kayaks).  It was over 2 years old and the hardener was dark brown and the viscosity of sludge.  I used it to make fillets, was a little worried about how good it was.  The stuff hardened just fine.  MAS and  System Three both say that their epoxy will keep for years unmixed, although the hardener will darken.   It should work just fine. 


RE: Yellow hardener?

   To be clear, I used old resin and old hardener both  from system three.  Don't try to mix and match different brands of resin and hardener, that would probably not work!

RE: Yellow hardener?

i have old MAS (over 5 years) that i am still using.  yes...hardener has yellowed...but no issues so far.

same situation....kept in garage.  every season i end up using a bit for repairs.  so i always do a small test batch each season to confirm it's still working before committing it to a repair or new piece.

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