PM Skeg protection

Here is what I did to protect the Skeg.  1/2 brass oval trim

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RE: PM Skeg protection

Looks very nice and functional!

RE: PM Skeg protection

Hi:  That idea has merit.  Where did you get the brass oval strip?


RE: PM Skeg protection

CLC has it   1/2" solid half oval brass



RE: PM Skeg protection

How did you handle the screws?  The skeg is in the water and the water can wick up the screws?


I intend to add protection on my Eastport. I considering drilling out the holes, filling with epoxy, then drilling the epoxy for the screw.



RE: PM Skeg protection

That method certainly would work.

I used a tapered bit and used 3M 5200 on the screws to provide a waterproof seal.

Same method I have used on Classic wood boats for years.

Pure clear silicone would also work.



RE: PM Skeg protection

What about no screws at all....maybe adhering it with urethane caulk...that stuff is incredible...your thoughts?

RE: PM Skeg protection

Might work. No experience doing trim that way.

I have had trim on classic boats attached the old school way which had NO rot after 50 yrs of seasonal exposure.

RE: PM Skeg protection

  I think a bead of 5200 would hold it on easily. Just be sure to mask it off well and don't use much, it is so thin and so slow curing that there will be squeeze out and it will run everywhere. But once that stuff cures nothing will shift it! 

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