contrasting woods

Placed an order for a Petrel.  I wasn't aware of Peruvian Walnut as a supplied wood.  Normal quantities of wood supplied is equal amounts of light, medium and dark woods.  I asked for more dark than light, but now I am second guessing it.  The P.Walnut looks pretty dark, so I am not sure if it should be used as a major portion of the wood, or is it better to use it more as an accent.  I don't really care for a lot of the yellow cedar, and I don't want to stain the boat.  I am thinking about using a completely differnt wood the a portion of the fore deck.  I would appreciate some thoughts.

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RE: contrasting woods

Dave, one of the features of american walnut is the wood is very dark chocolate and slowly changes to a mellow strong milk chocolate.  Evidently peruvian walnut is much darker, and courser.  Please see the following site for information:

On my kayak, I used several strips of walnut alternating with birds eye maple as the king planks, fore and aft; and the design worked out great. (or so I think).  Without knowing the wood, it really takes a close inspection to decern the differences between the dark cedar provided and the walnut.

I would think that you biggest concern in working with walnut is bending it to highly twisted designs.

Good luck, Stephanie

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