For Sale No brand Double

I was looking for the classified ad page of the clc site.  couldn't find any on the site map.  I will understand if the forum moderator sees fit to delete this note.

Without and further ado. the link to the description and photos of the kayak we are selling is: 

Brief description:

Double / Tandem Kayak, fast, light, tough, beautiful

This double kayak built by its owner, in 2004 has seen limited use by racing kayakers--it is fast and tough.  It has no match in this or any other world, that is, another was never made.   It is in immaculate condition.   Its quality exceeds anything that can be bought on the open market.   Hull design is multichined.   Construction is premium Okuome marine plywood with fiberglass inside and out.  It is so beautiful, you'd keep it in your living room, if you could.   Weight is less than 80 lb, a very easy carry for two people, unlike most fiberglass kayaks.   It is an astonishingly fast touring/racing kayak with great stability in 3 foot waves from the side, the front and behind.   The ride is bone dry as the bow has plenty of flotation.   Its Seal Line SmartTrack rudder system permits rudder action and bracing and proper forward stroke technique. It tracks beautifully and is very stable in big waves.   It was surfed with great joy during the Sound Rowers Jetty Island race near Everett in March 2010.  Its only mishap occurred four years ago, as a scrape on the bottom, which has been expertly repaired, with little consequence to its performance.   Cockpits are long enough to permit easily getting in seat first, legs last, and will easily fit most sea kayak spray decks.   The $2,500 price is non-negotiable, due to the uniqueness of design, features, quality and graphics that even single kayaks, selling for hundreds more, don't have.  If we do not sell at that price, we will keep the kayak for another season and continue to race it.

The kayak features three compartments with flush hatches and bulkheads, in the bow, stern and midships.   Ample room for camping gear.   Three sets of bungee cords secure gear on deck.  The kayak is stored under cover away from weather and sun.

24 feet long X 24 inches width overall.

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RE: For Sale No brand Double


 this kayak is located in Washington State. 

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