Transfering drawings to wood

Hello, I have some drawings on my Eastport Pram plans, that came 1:1 scale, I think I can make a photocopy of that sheets, and stick it to the wood, then cut it, anyone have another idea to save the cost of photocopying?


Thank you


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RE: Transfering drawings to wood

How about this:  Tape the drawing in position.  Prick through the lines with a sharp pushpin or something similar, as close together or as far apart as you need.

If you don't want pin holes in the wood, and don't care about messing up your drawing:  Make the pin holes in the drawing first, then tape it in position.  Rub some kind of contrasting dust  (ashes, colored chalk ...) through the holes and onto the wood.

Or you could just trace it using old-fashioned carbon paper.  Do they still sell that stuff?

RE: Transfering drawings to wood

Carbon paper can be found in art supply stores labeled as "Artist Transfer Paper". I have used it to transfer full-side plans to the plywood on my last two s&g boats. -Wes

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