Kewl Trick # 1

We all know that we can't mix epoxy when it's below 60deg and above 90deg. It either won't cure or will cure too fast to be useable. Less well known is the fact that the material itself needs to be that temperature too.

 I found that using a Craftsman IR thermometer (approx $75 at Sears) will tell me the exact temperature of a spot on the boat. It's a gun like tool that aimed at a spot on the boat can tell it's temperature without touching it. Working outside like I do the sun can overheat material quite quickly. AQn IR thermometer has many other uses around a shop like preventing burned fingers and checking cooked turkeys.


Let's everybody chip in their coolest ideas.

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RE: Kewl Trick # 1

I saw them using one of those in the CLC shop a few months ago. Guess they ought to start selling them.




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