Photos of my progress


I have set up a site with my progress.  I don't know how much bandwidth comes with this free site and it could get shut down for a few hours if exceeded.  The left column contains the links to each page:


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RE: Photos of my progress

Very nice..And I don't just mean the home theater...LOL

RE: Photos of my progress

Great job, and good pictures. The sheer clamp planing was a fear intensive task that worked out to be nothing for me. It went well, and faults that occurred are easily covered up.  

Thanks for sharing the construction process.



RE: Photos of my progress

Hi Jeff,

Nice job - looking through your site brought back memories (all good) from my build. I still like to look at MC16.5 build pics even though mine is complete and on the water. Here is my build if you're interested:

Good luck with yours and I look forward to following your progress.



RE: Photos of my progress

Steve, that looks really good!  It makes me wonder how mine is going to turn out.   I've added your site to my Mill Creek book marks.

RE: Photos of my progress

Te Anau! I did the Milford trek last time I was "back home"... over 20 years ago :(  you are very luck to be in "God's Own" for kayaking, and to have built such a nice boat.

 P.S. love the Swanndri hanging in the background, I still have mine :)

RE: Photos of my progress

My god I want to go to NZ!  Steve, you are blessed to live amongst such beautiful lands and waters.

(Nice looking MC as well!)


RE: Photos of my progress

Great photo's jeff. Also a question for Steve on his photo album: did you continue the rub rail around the nose? It appears to be continuous.

Thanks, Alan, Mill Creek builder Pacific North West.

RE: Photos of my progress

Hi Alan, My rubrails actually finish flush with both bow and stern and then I put I nice radius on them to give the effect that they wrap around. I think from memory I did try to bring them forward and have them wrap around but it was hard getting the angles right and somehow it just didn't look right so I went with what you see, and think it actually looks better.

Also, on the bow I tapered them down in thickness from about 2' or so back from the bow to give that 'pointy streamlined' effect.

Bow (photo 45) 


Stern (photo 46) 

p.s. Sorry for hijacking your thread Jeff! :-) 

RE: Photos of my progress

Thanks Hally looks very nice. Also my apologies to jeff.


RE: Photos of my progress

No need to apologize to me.  Everything you guys post is a learning experience for me!  I have not reached the point of installing the rubrails so I'm interested.  BTW, that is a really clean look.  You will probably see it on my boat.

RE: Photos of my progress


You have definitely finished off your rub strips in the proper fashion.  To quote Howard I, Chapelle, the historical guru of wooden boat building, "The fore end of the guards should never be carried ahead of the face of the stem; this is the mark of the lubber".  It is always nice to see a proper job.  By the way, this rule was often violated by the builders of production wooden boats in the 50s and 60s.

Beautiful job.

Paul G.

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