Re: Deck 'glass

Posted by Laszlo on Jan 19, 2008


In step 6 (in the 2.2 version) the manual says to "Use a brush to wet-out the cloth on the side of the boat". That would be the overhang.

At the bottom of the page it says to trim flush with the deck if adding rubrails. Presumably that'd be done after the glass is wet-out, but before it cures beyond the green stage, and in that case the overhang would not be attached to the hull.

On the 16LT I built, I put 2-inch wide clear plastic packing tape along the hull 2 inches below and parallel to the deck line. Then I applied the glass to the deck and down onto the sides. It went onto, but not beyond the tape. Once the epoxy had cured to the green stage, I gently lifted the glass off the tape and trimmed it with a razor blade where it stuck to the wood. That left an even 2 inch overlap around the entire deck perimeter.

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