Re: Deck 'glass

Posted by Laszlo on Jan 20, 2008


I interpret the glass overlap differently - that is, I don't see it as a fairing thing, I see it as part of the deck glass.

The large overlap is what anchors the edges of the deck glass. The anchoring strength is proportional to the surface area of the overlap, hence my use of 2 inches (which, BTW, is also the rule of thumb used by commercial manufacturers when rounding glass over corners and edges).

As a result, I don't even try to sand off the overlapping glass (which you correctly say would be a major task). It's meant to stay there. I sand the edges and and fair the overlap in to the hull.

That's also why, if I were to be putting rubrails onto any future boat, I'd leave the glass long enough for the overlap, rather than trimming it flush with the deck as the manual suggests.


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