Re: One week assembly...

Posted by Laszlo on Dec 23, 2007


You guys ever consider doing a finishing class, sort of like a post-doc to your normal building classes? I remember seeing your varnishing demo at the O-fest shop session a couple of years ago. Watching a live experienced person doing that on basically the same boat I was then building was worth every penny I paid for O-fest admission to me. Being there in person was a lot more useful than a video. It was interactive, complete and no movie magic. Experiencing the sights, sounds & smells in their full glory, seeing that even the guru had holidays in his varnish, etc., removed all the uncertainty and let me proceed confidently.

I'd love to see something like that with paint, and I'm sure that others would like something similar for sanding.

Maybe it could be structured as a bring-your-bare-hull type of class. Show up with a bare hull and in a week or so (depending on the hull) leave with a finished hull. The students would basically be renting a space, equipment and an instructor/critic for a structured period.

Any thoughts?


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