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Posted by CLC on Dec 22, 2007

>>>>>>>>>>>Hi! I'm contemplating taking one of the Skerry building classes offered at the WoodenBoat school up in Maine.....I'm very curious to know how much additional work would be required to get one sailing in a skerry after that, and if it would be even remotely possible (by working 14 hours a day or somesuch) to completely build it during that time? >>>>>>>>>>>>

What gets done during the 5-1/2 day class is assembly of the hull. At home you'll do the sanding and finishing, and complete the sailing rig components.

Some classes and some individual builders get a little further in the class, but the most complete boat I've seen was one with three or four partners building one hull. Lot of extra hands.

Some days ARE 14 hours (or feel like it), but you just bump up against three things: One, epoxy needing to cure before you move on; Two, the quality of your craftsmanship, and Three, as an instructor I won't let anyone get too far ahead, because then I'm teaching TWO classes at once---the one with everybody on schedule, and the one comprising your boat that's a few steps ahead (maybe).

Since boats like the Skerry last a long time, those of us who teach the classes emphasize quality over speed. I'm sure there's a way to marathon the week so that a little more gets done, but the boat might end up looking like it was built by children.

So, there'll be sanding and finishing and some work on the sailing rig to complete after the class. Realistically, you probably know someone with a workspace you can borrow for the few weeks of finish work ahead of you after the class.

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