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Posted by CLC on Dec 25, 2007

>>>>>>You guys ever consider doing a finishing class, sort of like a post-doc to your normal building classes?>>>>>>>>

It's a good question, and it does come up. I'd love to do such a thing. The problem with the finishing stages is that it consists of just two things: sanding, and waiting for something to dry. If I had six or seven Skerries in a room to be finished, we'd make a cloud of dust and then try to get paint or varnish on...that'd be frustrating. And it wouldn't lend itself to a good sequential 5-day class. Some days we'd be done at 10AM as we waited for varnish to dry---nothing to do but clear out for fear of stirring up more dust in the room, so you can't even work on sailing bits or whatever.

Still, about once a year I puzzle over how to do it. Logically we'd hang a sign that said "bring your boat for a finishing class!" And we sorta did, once, but everybody who called in had a boat at a different stage of completion. My head exploded. It was going to be a cat-herding exercise.

Years back we had a series of weekend seminars. Just Saturday-Sunday, five or six hours each. I did a varnishing and finishing class---expanding on the OkoumeFest-type seminars, and someone did a woodworking tools class. It was inexpensive, the classes were full, and everyone seemed to learn a lot. That might be the model.

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